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How to contact singles on dating sites?

There a several ways to get in touch with singles on dating sites.

Once you have completed your profile, you can start to enjoy the wonders of « online dating » and get to know other users.

The first contact with other users is quite important as you won’t have a second chance to make a good first impression!

The key is to write a captivating first message, but before starting your conversation in private, most dating sites offer the chance to break the ice with other users by sending questions from a list.

Interaction on a dating site starts with a “I’m interested in you!”

The Best Dating Sites provide an array of tools to break the ice and start interacting with other singles.

Most of them include a tool that works like Facebook’s like to show your interest in specific users.

In Tinder, for example, that tool works in a form of a swiping left or right game.

In some dating sites, you can’t contact other users until there is a mutual match, that means that, both parts need to show their interest in each other.

Writing a captivating first message is the way to romantic success

The first message says it all! You can catch your match’s attention, get engaged on a passionate conversation and land a first date that leads to a new love story.

On the opposite side, if you write a conventional and very formal message, it most likely is going to end up in the basket bin.

Remember that, even that there is plenty of fish in the sea, there is also a fierce competition.

So, before sending a message, make sure to read your online date’s profile and write something that appears in his/her profile to get more chances of getting a reply.

Try to avoid clichés such as: “hello, how are you doing”, but rather try to be original and write personalized messages.

A good idea could be to start a conversation explaining to the other person what attracted you from her/his profile.

Don’t copy and paste messages and send them to dozens of users.

Instead, try to adapt them to show the other person that you care enough to dedicate some time to read his/her profile and write a personalized message.

Be also careful with spelling mistakes! Grammar and spelling errors are a complete no-no!

Make the conversation flow by asking questions that can reveal if there might be chemistry between you two.

Get familiar with each other, but leave some personal secrets for your first date!

Once you feel confident enough to ask your online date out, make sure you propose a first-date plan that is so fun that it can’t be refused!

Getting in touch with other users is one of the most exciting moments of an online dating experience.

After all, the first words of your message can be the prologue in your new love story!

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