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How can I become more noticeable on a dating site?

Your profile is like your presentation card. If you have a great dating profile, you can multiply your chances of getting a first date.

There are several ways to boost your profile and get more noticeable on a dating site.

Tips to create an eye-catching dating profile

Dating sites are packed with thousands of profiles of singles looking for a potential partner.

Possibilities of finding the perfect match are endless, so it is the competition.

This is why it is very important to start your dating adventure knowing exactly what you are really looking for.

It’s time to work on showing your values and make your profile to stand out from the crowd.

There are a couple of simple steps you could follow in order to make sure you are as noticeable as you should be.

A concise and intriguing profile description can really mark the difference

The first step consist on putting extra care on your profile description.

In your profile description (“About Me”) tell a bit about what makes you unique and what type of partner and relationship you are looking for.

Don’t write a long essay. Instead be concise, clear and honest about what you expect from the site.

Remember to add as much hobbies and interesting facts about yourself as you can.

Write something that catches other singles’ attention, and that helps them to break the ice and approach you.

In such way, it will be easier to let another lonely heart who shares the same interests, life values and romantic expectations to find you quickly.

Add your best profile photos

The next step is to add some attractive pictures of yourself. Make sure they really represent who you are. Do not use Photoshop!

The profile photos that get more views and likes are the ones where the user looks natural or appears showing his/her and fun side, like enjoying an activity.

These profile photos are the most popular on dating sites

  • The ones where the user looks natural
  • The ones where the user appears in a nice attitude: smiling and looking directly at the camera
  • Full-body shots
  • The ones where the user is involved in an activity: playing an instrument, doing exercise…
  • The ones where the user is outdoors enjoying a sunny day. Summer pictures are really successful!

Profile photos to avoid on dating sites

  • The ones where the user wears sunglasses.
  • Group photos
  • The ones where the user is in a party getting wasted
  • Selfies where the user is striking a fake pose

The most important thing is to always be honest and clear about your intentions on the site!

Make sure you have a nice and attractive summary of yourself in your profile, so you can attract other users’ interest.

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