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How to find Serious Dating Sites? Let us help you!

The market of online dating sites has been flourishing for the last couple of years in Canada. Unfortunately, many users feel lost and have difficulties finding the dating site that suits them best. That’s why we decided to do the job for you: we have reviewed the Best Dating Sites Canada and ranked them based on our experience on these dating sites. Our wish is to offer you a clear and relevant classification based on real user experience. To review the dating sites we have used objective criteria such as: the structure and ergonomics of the site, the features, the quality of profiles,  the quality/price ratio, etc.

Even if this ranking cannot be totally objective, we believe it offers a representative overview of the most popular dating sites in Canada that can be found on the web today. It is now your turn to browse our ranking, read our reviews and make your own mind up.

We invite you to rate the dating sites in our ranking to add your rating. We hope that our comparison table and ranking will help you to find what you’re looking for and we also wish you a lovely online dating experience! We really hope you’ll find your perfect match!

It has to be noted that our different tests on dating sites have a certain subjectivity as our team is human!  However, we do welcome any feedback. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to share your feedback on our reviews if you feel that some of them could be improved ([email protected]).

How do we test dating sites?

Our team studies, scrutinizes, tests and evaluates a large number of dating services, from serious dating sites and matchmakers to the best senior dating sites in Canada. How’s the process?

Find out the elements that make us think that a dating site is worth it, and that it could be really effective for YOU in order to find your love story!

Interface and features

A dating site should be user-friendly and built to help users interact with each other. That is why we put special attention into the ergonomics of the site and its tools: the forum and chat system, the options for private messaging, research filters, etc.  Navigation on a site should also be intuitive as not every user has the same familiarity with technology or digital environments. Although many dating sites offer profiles suggestion services with the help of matchmaking algorithms, researching possible matches still remains a very important part of the online dating journey.  In that sense, we believe that great filtering tools are essential in a dating site. Added to that and taking into account the vast numbers of profiles that you can find on a dating site, filtering tools should be optimized: localization, age, physical preferences, hobbies, etc.

Dating sites Prices: what should you take into account?

The price on a dating site takes into account different elements:

  • The requirements and promises of a dating site in terms of security

Certain sites offer some reinforced security options, let you chose how and with whom you’d like to share your pictures with and some of them even verify manually every single dating profile in order to assign them a “verified” label.  This kind of services are never available for free although they remain one of the most important parts to ensure a safe online dating experience.

  • Different types of dating

Love seems to be definitively more expensive than a simple adventure: it is normal, serious dating take way more elements into account that the simple physical affinity. Serious dating sites offer its users personality tests and dating questionnaires with the aim of to help you find the most compatible matches. Free dating sites never offers these kinds of services.  If you’re looking for your soul mate based on your affinity, we recommend you to get a Premium membership in order to make the most of their matchmaking algorithm together with the results of your personality test.

  • The duration of the subscription

In general terms, the longer your subscription is, the most profitable it will be. Memberships for a single month tend to be quite expensive and sometimes a month is not enough to fully enjoy the online dating experience. Normally 3 to 6 months tends to be the optimal time. The most advantageous packages are the ones that offer a 12 months service to pay in one single payment.

It is also very important to note that subscriptions are normally automatically renewed. It often works in this way, even with the most reputable dating sites. It is a perverse principle that we do not support, that’s why we advise to always keep it in mind.

  • The guarantees

Some dating sites guarantee a minimum number of contacts: if you don’t meet a minimum number of matches during your membership, your subscription will become free. However, this only work with subscriptions for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Extra dating services

If the basic service is the suggestion of profiles in order to find the best match possible, other services can also have an impact on the price of the membership. Such is the case when a dating site offers a coaching service to guide you towards a successful online dating experience (help with the profile creation, virtual assistant, etc.)

We are at your service for any questions or suggestions you may have.

The Best Dating Sites Canada team