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The essential guide to Free Dating Sites in Canada

Last Update : October 24, 2018 by Thaïs

Love is a recurrent subject. The French novelist, George Sand, once said that “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”.

A ceaseless desire. Being successful in love is one of the biggest priorities for most Canadians!

In fact, dating is an essential part of the daily life for singles in Canada.

This is the reason behind the success of dating portals in the past decade.

Online dating has given singles the opportunity to find a partner in a more modern way.

Here is where free dating sites in Canada come into play.

There are hundreds of services on the Net aimed to help singles to find their perfect match.

It is pretty obvious that the first option for many of those who seek a new partner is to try their luck in free dating sites.

Whatever is a popular matchmaking platform, a casual dating site or a free dating app, there is always an alternative for those singles who don’t want to spend money on their online experience.

Online romance: free dating sites in Canada

Variety is the spice of life! When it comes to free dating sites in Canada, the choices are practically unlimited.

At a first glance, you can find free online dating services dedicated to any type of singles, from those who want to make friends with benefits to those who want to find a long-term partner.

From people over 40s who want to give love a second chance to those teen daters who want to find their first love!

Dating portals for those who seek a casual date or an adventure to those who expect a meaningful connection based on affinity with another single from their area.

For those singles in Canada who want to meet people in their city to those who are not limited by any barrier and don’t mind initiating a long-distance relationship if they think that their online date is really worth it.

Websites for those lonely hearts and hopeless romantics that dream about fall over heels in the first message to those who believe that falling in love requires time, and prefer to start with a friendly date.

In most dating services you can register for free, but in some of them you need to subscribe to a Premium subscription to get in touch with other users.

Messaging in free dating sites, on the other hand, often is open to everyone who creates a dating profile!

Regardless you prefer to spend your money on an actual date offline or you, at the moment, can’t afford to pay for meeting other singles online, you still can be part of the Internet dating phenomenon!

Where to look for the best free dating sites in Canada?

Every dating site has its very own community of singles. A good reason to do some research before joining one of these free matchmakers.

The online dating scene has changed over the years.

Years ago, you had to spend quite some time searching throughout several forums to find people with similar interests, and who, at the same time, were looking for a romantic date.

Nowadays, the most effective option to meet like-minded singles is by signing in in a niche dating site.

The easiest way to find the best free dating sites in Canada is by using a comparison site.

A ranking of the best dating sites online in Canada can provide you with the necessary information that can help you decide to which platform you want to register to.

The biggest advantage is that it’s not time consuming!

Every single dating site is tested by experts in matchmaking, and relationships, and then ranked accordingly considering its features, performance, security, and how its matchmaking service turns out to be.

You can see the strongest points and the flaws of every platform straight away.

These comparison sites usually reveal other relevant information such as the type of users or a list of key features that you can find in the top free dating sites in Canada as well as information about the ones with a subscription fee.

You can also get details about how to get started, and how to communicate with other singles on each platform reviewed.

In such way, you can quickly find out which free dating site suits you best, and you believe that it can give you more chances to interact with people who have the same romantic profile.

Basically, those Canadian singles who share the same views towards love, and thus search the same type of commitment as you do!

If you want to know in depth how a particular matchmaker performs, and how reliable and secure it when it comes to communicating with other singles, you can always have a look at the review.

Alternatively, you can check some dating blogs to discover the latest releases in the field of free dating sites in Canada.

If a ranking of the best dating sites online provides you in a nutshell all what you need to know to decide for one free dating platform or another, a dating blog can inform you about new releases.

It also gives you an insight of more personal experiences in terms of interactivity with other users.

You can find small guides on how to take the most of your online dating experience

From how to find the best free dating sites in Canada to tips on how to set up your profile, break the ice, send your first message or getting a first date!

All of that, leaving opinions on particular dating brands out of the formula!

Paid vs Free dating sites in Canada

When one embarks on the adventure of looking for love online, the first thing that comes to mind is if you want to go for a free dating site or a matchmaker that includes a paid subscription.

The opinions regarding what of the two options is best, are mixed.

A lot of people say that free dating sites in Canada are not as good or effective as dating services with a subscription fee.

This is not entirely true! You can meet and mingle in some of these free dating services.

You can register for free, you can create your profile (add your “About Me” and some photos), and interact with other Canadian singles at no costs.

However, it is true that you are more likely to find romance scammers in them.

Some free dating sites in Canada use the latest technology to ensure that your experience is completely safe.

There are some portals that even have a team of dating experts behind that manually check and moderate profile by profile to make sure the high standards of the site.

Nevertheless, it is easier to find a love fraudster trying to scam other users in a platform that doesn’t require you to pay for sending private messages rather than on one that asks you to subscribe upfront in order to be able to communicate with other singles.

This not only applies to romance scams. In a free dating site, usually there is no limit to who can contact you.

What a paid dating site offers you is a tailor-made matchmaking service.

You mainly are introduced to singles who really can be emotionally connected to you.

It isn’t just pure physical attraction. There is much more than that, like a matching personality or common interests.

If you are going to pay for a dating service, what is expected is to get connected with singles who are carefully picked for you, taking into account your passions and romantic expectations.

In a free dating site, you can hardly get that. In this kind of websites, users tend to care more about quantity rather than quality.

Some singles use some of the most popular free dating sites in Canada as if they were social networks to expand their social circle.

There are who join these platforms just to chat for free with other singles.

The objective for them not necessarily is to meet someone special, get a date and start a new relationship.

It depends on the portal, but usually there are more time-wasters in free sites!

In fact, many users find themselves flooded with messages from people who doesn’t have a genuine interest in meeting them in person.

A matchmaking site with a subscription instead, gives a certain guarantee that whoever writes you, has serious intentions.

It’s just an online conversation that leads to an actual date. What happens next is a matter chemistry, and of course, destiny!

If you pay for a service that promises you to find your soulmate, then you are more likely to do all what’s in your hand to make sure that this is accomplished.

Otherwise, why would you subscribe on a dating site if you are not convinced that you are going to find love?

Does this mean that if you don’t pay to meet singles online you can’t find a potential date?

Not necessarily. It depends on the platform, your romantic priorities, and of course, how much time you invest on the site.

Some free dating sites in Canada can really be useful to contact other singles living nearby, but you probably would need much more time and predisposition to identify and select those singles who want a serious relationship from those who simply want to enjoy a conversation online.

The main advantage of a free matchmaker, besides the obvious fact that you don’t have to spend money to use all of its services, is that you can find singles who seek different levels of commitment.

If you are not taking your love life as one of the biggest priorities, and you prefer to just try out a dating site just to make a bunch of friends, have a casual encounter, chat with other singles occasionally or simply want to get some fun dates, but without to worry about what will happen next, then the best choice is a free dating site.

Pros and cons of Free Dating Sites in Canada and Paid ones

Free Dating Sites in Canada

Paid Dating Sites in Canada


You don’t have to pay to use all services

It’s open to any type of single

The number of users is really big as there is not dedicated to a specific audience


Time-consuming: you would need a lot of time to dismiss those singles that don’t want a serious relationship

You are more likely to find scammers

Sites are less qualitative than paid dating sites are there is less emphasis on security and profile verification

You can easily find time-wasters


You can get personalized matches

You don’t need to spend hours browsing profiles as the site tends to do the job for you by finding potential partners

You can get extra services: a better security technology, a verification system, incognito mode…

Users are more serious about their intentions

You are less likely to be a victim of a romance scam

Some websites have a minimum contact guarantee


Your interaction is limited if you don’t have a Premium subscription: you can’t, for example, send a private message unless you upgrade

You are more likely to receive less messages as not everyone is a subscriber, but they are more qualitative

Online conversations can really lead to a first date


What kind of users can you find in free dating sites in Canada?

As mentioned earlier, dating portals in which you don’t have to pay to use their services are open to any type of singles.

However, there are some no-fee dating sites that are targeted to specific audiences.
Some free matchmakers are designed to connect Millennial singles.

They include more interactive features like swiping games where you have to swipe right or left on profile photos to show your interest in particular users.

Users in these sites prefer to communicate with other singles through group chats and one-on-one chats rather than by private messaging services.

Why is it so? They seek immediacy.

Younger online daters, as if they were chatting with their friends in WhatsApp, usually love to engage on conversations that get a response right away.

In fact, they are more active on free dating apps, rather that the desktop version.

Otherwise, they can get bored really soon, and this may result in them leaving the website, and trying an alternative dating site that offers them that option.

The ambience in free dating portals for Millennials is more relaxed and informal than any other platforms.

Users are not as likely as older daters to state that they are looking for a long-term commitment.

They prefer to go with the flow. Many look for friends, others prefer to flirt, and others seek a relaxed date.

The number of users who explicitly declare that they are looking for their soulmate is very low if we compare to paid dating websites or those dedicated to seniors daters.

There are also free dating sites in Canada for those singles who are over 40s and want to give love a new opportunity.

Users from these portals are more likely to be direct about their intentions.

Having an on and off romantic adventure isn’t in the plans for most of them.

This is why they tend to spend more time in the platform making meaningful connections, and writing private messages in order to know as much as they can about their potential dates.

In comparison to daters in their twenties or thirties, Canadian senior singles are not much into interactive features like swiping or “like or not” games.

This is why free dating sites in Canada for middle-age singles don’t include as many features to entertain as other websites.

These sites go for just the basics: profile visits, search tool, private messaging service, and occasionally a feature that gives you the opportunity to show your interest in others such as icebreaker questions.

The way senior singles date online in free sites is much more dedicated than how their younger counterparts do.

Senior singles prefer longer in-depth messages rather than banal conversations.

Key features of free dating sites

It is obvious that there are plenty of opportunities to find a potential partner in practically all free dating sites in Canada.

Online dating without paying for a Premium membership has some benefits and quite some no so worthy factors.

Everything depends on the matchmaking service you choose (the best solution is to compare several sites in a ranking dating site), and your efforts while searching for your significant other online.

What it is pretty clear is that the features that work the best in these websites are the ones that require uninterrupted interactivity: chats rooms, one-to-one chats, and “like or not” matching games, in particular with younger daters.

Private messaging is also very popular, but communicating with other Canadian singles in such way in a free dating site has its own risks: you can easily be showered with proposals that in the long run lead to nowhere.

What are the main advantages of free dating sites in Canada?

  • Open to all Canadian singles
  • You don’t need to pay to send messages, and to chat without limits
  • Big user base
  • The atmosphere is very relaxed
  • Users are very active
  • You can get a date, but make some friends as well

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