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Matchmaking Dating Sites

Sharing common bonds and interests is one of the basic qualities of a perfect couple for many. In that sense, lots of singles are nowadays rather looking for a soulmate based on the things they share rather than waiting for “the luck of finding that perfect other half”. Matchmaking is very important as it is a great and very efficient way of finding people alike and offering them the chances to speak, flirt and carry on with their adventure as far as they want to. To help you choose the best affinity-based dating website we have created a ranking with the best matchmaking websites in Canada. Don’t miss anything out!

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main features
overall rating
membership base
user review

  • Personalized search with advanced filters
  • Perfect for singles aged 30-45
  • Real people, quality dates
9.8 / 10
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4'000'000 singles
ideal age25-45

Elite Singles

  • Intelligent matchmaking based on a psychologist-backed personality test
  • High success rate of singles finding love
  • Less searching more connecting
9.5 / 10
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2'000'000 singles
ideal age30-55


  • 50+ dating for seniors young at heart
  • Exclusive community with quality matches
    and a high success rate
  • Safe and secure platform for serious dating
8.9 / 10
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1'500'000 singles
ideal age50+

Affinity Dating on the web…

Over recent years, dating sites have witnessed a growing success! Indeed, a very interested situation: more and more sites are starting to appear, increasing the number of users and therefore the number of successful encounters!

Our ranking of the top matchmaking dating sites shows how important it is to meet people who share common interests in order to build a happy and lasting relationship.

The affinity dating sites that we’ve chosen have all passed the ‘quality’ tests we have set with flying colors. These sites are those most likely to meet your needs and expectations during your online quest for love.

However, we would like to highlight that our rankings of matchmakers are subjective as we haven’t voluntarily compiled an exhaustive list.

The affinity dating sites we’ve ranked are the ones we consider to be the best and the most reliable: basically the ones that are on top of their league. Sentimental or romantic types will easily find the person who shares their sensitivity, passions, interests and values on those dating sites that match members according to relationship compatibilities.

…and finding a match!

Are you an art house or horror film fan? Do you listen to Rap, Reggae or Metal? Do you love steak well done? Or do you prefer vegetarian meals? Do you dream of watching the Northern Lights in Iceland or sun bathing under Brazilian sun? Your tastes and your emotions, your choices and your preferences are what make you unique.

That is why it is very important to fully state all your preferences in your profile in order to increase your chances of meeting other singles that would appreciate your uniqueness. Fortunately there are people who will share the same ideals and preferences as you. These people are waiting for the same thing than you: to meet alike singles and hopefully to create a bond based on the mutual affinities: activities, passions, mutual interests, outlooks etc.

Who doesn’t long for a partner with whom we could share our inner selves while we forge a long term love story? An affinity may boil down to a tiny detail, but it becomes an important detail once it’s shared. You’ll find that our list of affinity dating sites only contains portals with a solid reputation and reliable profiles. These platforms will allow you to ‘match’ your profile with other Canadian singles; some may become friends but one could also be your future and significant other half!

Refine your matchmaking dating site search!

Have you found an appealing matchmaker on our list? Great!

First of all, the golden rule: do not neglect your profile. It’s important to calmly think about the image you want to project. Take your time writing your description and only post your best photos (being always careful of not overusing photoshop!).

The more you complete your profile, the more likely it will be that you will meet like-minded people! The personality tests used by affinity dating sites allow you to use the results to start filling your profile. You can also add additional information that’s more likely to attract new visitors to your profile. All of the sites stated in our ranking offer strong tools to match your compatibility with other registered singles, so don’t be shy and use them to your advantage in your search for like-minded people across your area.

Refining filters and the elements to search can be as detailed as you may want it to be. You can always take a look at our guides to learn how to make the most of the search and filter options. The only limit becomes your imagination in a matchmaking dating site.

Meet the Canadian single you’re after and discover how technology can be used in love. A new world of discoveries and adventures is opening up in front of you. You just need to make sure that everything is finely set up! After that it is just excitement and setting the right frame of mind to don’t miss out on any opportunity!

A matchmaker is the best option to meet singles with serious intentions looking to build lasting relationships. Get ready for the adventure! Embrace your qualities and the little things that make you unique and get ready to meet the people that will be fascinated by your qualities!

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