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The First 5 Dates: The Ultimate Guide to an Exclusive Relationship

Last Update : March 20, 2019 by Thaïs

How many dates singletons need to go on to call a relationship exclusive? When it comes to love and dating, there aren’t specific tempos before committing to a relationship. Some people fall in love at first sight during their first date, while others need more time to know their partner before making it official. What’s undeniable is that whatever happens during the 5 first dates is crucial to make a love story to blossom or, well, end in disaster. We have a new chapter on Our Seduction Secrets. We have created The Ultimate Guide to an Exclusive Relationship in just 5 Dates. Read below to find more on how to use your first dates to know your match and discover if there is a real chance of becoming exclusive.

Love can happen during the first dates

What to do on a first date? What not to ask during your first encounter? Where to go the first time you meet your online match? To kiss or not to kiss on the first date?

Nowadays, you can find scores of dating manuals on the internet designed to guide you mastering a first date.

There is a common perception suggesting that if you survive to a first date, then there’s nothing to worry about during the next encounters.

Truth is that the first five dates are crucial to make the other person to fall in love with you or to disappear with no warning.

During your first date, you can discover that you two have chemistry and a lot of things in common, that you feel comfortable with each other and there even was a passionate first kiss, but don’t take things for granted.

The excitement and the nerves make many singles to brush off some red flags during the first encounter, but this doesn’t mean that person you are dating is the perfect man/woman.

You’d need a few more encounters to find out if you are meant for each other and you can become exclusive.

The dating expert and author Lisa Daily suggests that the best is to wait from six to eight dates before committing to an exclusive relationship.

A study by Time Out in 2015 also revealed that, on average, date number 9 is the chosen one by couples to make their relationship official.

However, everyday more and more people initiate an exclusive relationship earlier than expected.

This is the reason why the first five dates are decisive in the future of a potential relationship.

It’s the time to check if there is an emotional connection and you are the perfect fit.

How can you use your first dates to find out if you two are meant for each other?

Our goal with this Guide to an Exclusive Relationship in 5 Dates is to help you plan a few amazing first dates where you really spend time knowing the person you are dating while enjoying some fun activities together.

Going for the traditional casual drinks date is a really great choice for the first encounter because, most of the times, you find that the atmosphere, wherever the bar you choose, is quite relaxing and friendly.

It’s the perfect plan to discover if you share the same interests and expectation, and to test if you enjoy each other’s company.

However, time is priceless, and nothing beats an original date idea where you can see how the other person connects with other aspects of your life and even how he/she gets along with your family and friends.

The ideal is to experiment during the first 5 dates. Here’s where our Dating Guide comes in!

Through different chapters, we will give you some nice date ideas for each and every of your five first dates.

The goal is to develop intimacy progressively, date by date.

By the end of date number 5 you two will be confident enough to decide if you have potential as a couple and if it’s time to engage on an exclusive relationship. Well, or just the opposite.

The idea is to take the most of your five first encounters to lay the foundations to a new relationship.

Otherwise, at least, you’d have had a nice experience, and if lucky, would make a new friend.

In this Ultimate Guide to an Exclusive Relationship you will find several date ideas, from casual drinks and a movie night to a brunch with your friends or a home-made romantic meal for two.

Are you ready to embrace your dating experience and take all the necessary steps to meet someone special and begin an exclusive relationship?

The First 5 Dates: The Ultimate Guide to an Exclusive Relationship:

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