C-Date Review

Last Update : May 30, 2018

If you’re looking for a discreet love affair or a relationship free of commitments, you might want to check out this casual dating site.

C-date is a place in which fun and adventurous Canadian singles gather together to meet and experiment the art of love in an anonymous way.

If you’re not just yet relationship-ready, C-date might be the perfect solution to meet new people and discover the excitement of secret encounters.

In just a few years, C-Date has become one of the Best Dating Sites in Canada, and the reason behind its success it that it allows singles to date in an unconventional way. You decide how you want to shape your online dating experience.

Practically there isn’t a limit to have fun and getting flirty, so if you want to try new romantic experiences, then C-date Canada is a good place to start.

C-date Review: Guide to meet attractive singles in Canada

There aren’t many websites dedicated to test dating sites that, like C-date, offer casual connections!

We have analysed in depth the portal to offer a complete overview of its services. In our C-date Review you will find:

  • C-date Canada: How can I register for free?
    • Getting started: Creating your casual dating profile
    • C-date contact: Planning a first date
  • Unconventional dating: Canadian singles & discreet affairs
  • Testing the dating site
  • Main Features
  • C-date Premium Account & Prices
  • Dating safely: Anonymous profiles
  • C-date Customer Service
  • How to delete your C-date profile?
  • Deleting your Profile & Cancelling your Premium subscription
  • C-date Review: Our Opinion

C-date Canada: How can I register for free?

The dating site is quite easy to get used to. Registration is pretty straightforward and its completely free.

You just need to add an email address and to have a clear idea about what you’re looking for in the platform: sexual preferences and requirements.

Once you finish the registration process and verify your account with the email you get in your inbox, you can start browsing profiles and getting to know other playful singles from your area.

C-Date is based on a matchmaking algorithm that selects users who seek the same type of casual relationship. Then, suggest profiles that could be a perfect match.

Getting started: Creating your casual dating profile

Your experience in C-date Canada starts with a profile.

You will be asked to create a casual dating profile in just a few steps, and by adding basic information.

The idea to easily gain access to thousands of local personals.

To kick off, you select the type of dating experience you want. If your goal is to meet singles and have a relaxed date, you can potentially find your ideal partner in here.

If you prefer to spend more time flirting online through chats, webcams or by playing games, then you will also have your demands met in this portal.

Then you need to specify what kind of single attracts you the most.

After giving some basic details like the place where you live, your age, your relationship status, and about your physical appearance and daily habits, you can start browsing profiles.

This website is merely based on image, so make sure to add some photos to attract more singles to your profile!

You set the limits, so if you want to add a more explicit photo, you can do so, and can select who you want your pictures to be seen. This is a great option if you want to flirt discreetly!

C-date contact: Planning a first date

The best way to get in touch with other Canadian singles in the platform is to use the matching system.

If you go to C-date contact page you can see a list of potential lovers. These are users who have been carefully picked up for you considering your romantic needs and expectations.

To get in touch with any potential match you will need a premium subscription.

You can send some likes to other users to show you are interested in meeting them.

One of the advantages of this network is that users are pretty straightforward, so if you feel that you can have fun with a particular user, then contact him/her right away, and offer a sensual first date after exchanging a few flirty messages!

This dating site is all about living new experiences, so don’t hesitate to take the lead.

Unconventional dating: Canadian singles & discreet affairs

If you are looking for classic dating, then you don’t belong to C-date (if so, please go to Serious Dating to find the Best Dating Site in Canada for you!).

The site was built to cater an specific audience: single men and women from all over Canada who are not afraid to have a naughty encounter with another sassy single, and let the passion flow!

This is good alternative if what you are looking for is a discreet affair.

There are many ways to take the most of your casual dating experience while using C-date. You can:

  • Meet singles and plan a naughty encounter online
  • Join a chat for adults
  • Watch other singles through a webcam
  • Play games with other attractive singles

If you’re looking for a discrete love affair or a relationship free of commitments, you might want to check out this casual dating site. C-date is a place in which fun and adventurous singles gather together to meet and experiment the art of love in an anonymous way.

If you’re not just yet relationship-ready, C-date might be the perfect solution to meet new people and discover the excitement of discrete encounters.
C-Date is a very popular dating site that will allow you to start a new journey…you decide how you want to shape your experience… are you ready to start Dating?


Testing the dating site

C-date Canada promises a secure space for singles who want to have fun and sexy dates!

Discretion is the first thing to considering when using one of this casual dating sites, and this is why the platform offers a few security layers to make sure you have the best experience searching for a temporary partner.

You can select which users you want to show your photos, and in order to visit or message other users, you will need to add some pictures in your profile and verify your account by email.

This is a good strategy to keep clear of scammers. It seems it accomplishes its mission of offering discrete connections.

Main features

In C-date Canada you can create your profile for free, check who visits your profile, receive contact proposals and read messages, but to enjoy the extra features, and get in touch with dozens of singles in your area in private, the best is to get a Premium subscription.

The features of the paid membership are pretty efficient in regard to communication and profile search:

You’ll be able to privately send messages to any profile that has been suggested to you. A nice channel usually used to arrange dates and get to know each other.

All communication between members is safe and very discrete to ensure confidentiality at all times.

You’ll receive daily suggestions with profiles that are looking for the same relationship or experience you are looking for.

Profiles that have been inactive for more than 2 months are automatically deleted to ensure a safe environment.

C-date Premium Account & Prices

According to the site’s dating experts, every 9 seconds a user starts a conversation in the platform.

And in spite the popular belief, women are very active in the site. In fact, 62% of Premium users are females.

For many, these two reasons are enough to convert to a C-date Premium Account.

Below, you can find an update list of subscription prices. As you can see, the site offers deals for any type of budgets.

Subscription Cost Cost per month
1 Month C$9.99 C$9.99
3 Months C$147.97 C$49.99
6 Months $234.94 $39.99

Dating safely: Anonymous profiles

Safety is one of the main concerns of this dating site that offers to its users an anonymous and secure environment to meet, get to know each other and start having experiences together.

Privacy and anonymity is therefore taken very seriously to ensure a great experience for its users.

On top of the safety measures established by C-Date to offer discrete dates, this dating site also checks on a regular basis all the profiles in order to ensure high-quality experiences.

C-date Customer Service

The site includes a FAQ section where you can get key information about how the platform works, and how to make the most of your time while using it!

In case you want to get in touch with C-date Customer Service, you can contact the team through email at [email protected]

Deleting your Profile & Cancelling your Premium subscription

Your Premium membership is automatically renewed once the current period expires.

To cancel your subscription, click on your avatar, then go to “Settings”. At the bottom of the page you will see a box with details about your membership. In there, you can cancel it!

In case you want to delete your dating profile, you also can find the option in the same box.

Once you do so, your details and history will be removed permanently.

C-Date Review: Our Opinion

Pros  Cons 
One of the leading dating sites for discreet dating

+30 million users

Great security: users have to authorize others to be able to view their profile

New experiences: from meeting singles to naughty games

Not as good with long-term relationships

You can only see your compatible profiles

Automatic renewal of subscriptions

If you’re looking to be a part of a wide community of users who aren’t scared of actively looking for fun, experiences, emotions and relationships with no strings attached, then you shouldn’t look further: C-Date Canada is probably what you’re looking for!

A very popular site (and app!) that offers a great service: find, contact and meet lots of different naughty singles around you!

You’ll be able to find everything you can imagine (aside from romantic love).
Experiences, fun, naughtiness… The community is very active and continuously looking to welcome new members.

A great dating site to make your fantasies come true. You’ve got desires you’ve never dared to achieve? It’s your moment. You’ve already found the place, now all you need to do is to take the first step towards sensual discovery. Are you ready to start a new journey? Don’t wait! Try C-date now!