be2 Review

Last Update : June 1, 2018 by Ava

be2 is a matchmaking dating site that has gained popularity over the years.

The dating giant hit the scene in 2004, but soon grew up quickly providing connections and romantic opportunities to more than 12 million singles worldwide.

It soon turned into one of the Best Dating Sites in Canada.

be2 focuses on affinities between singles with the aim of building lasting romantic relationships. With a high rate of success, this dating website has proven that its acclaimed personality matching system is efficient and has managed to spark romance among Canadian singles.

Profiles are suggested to users based on the results of the unique be2 personality test.

The platform claims that 40% of its members are successful in their quest for love. A high-quality dating site that is is easy to use, and it’s worth a try.

be2 Review: The Ultimate guide to find singles online

This is a tailored dating service for people who look for fulfilling relationships. But is it suitable for all tastes? Find it out in our be2 Review.

In the following guide, you will find useful information that will help you decide to try this service.

  • be2 Canada: How to start your love story?
    • be2 Registration
    • Matchmaking through a personality test
  • 3 reasons to consider using be2
  • Satisfied users
  • Testing this dating site: be2 opinion
  • Main Features
  • be2 Prices
  • How safe is this website?
  • Contact be2 Customer Service
  • Subscription Cancellation & Profile Removal
  • be2 Review: Our Opinion

be2 Canada: How to start your love story?

be2 has been designed to help singles in Canada to find the right partner. The service promises a unique experience based on an algorithm that analyses users’ romantic profiles and personality types in depth.

How to join this sophisticated community of singles?

be2 Registration

You can join be2 for free! Registration requires completing a 15-minute questionnaire that explores your preferences in life and your desires regarding an ideal partner.

Once you finish the personality test, the dating site begins to match your results with the ones from other users via their matchmaking algorithm. A powerful tool that suggest you potential partners, and invites you to engage in conversation with them.

The next step is to write your profile. This is one of the most important steps of your online dating journey as it is your digital presentation card.

Other users will be able to see your profile picture and read your profiles to learn about your interests and preferences. Matchmaking sites work on similarities between members, hence the importance of efficiently completing one’s profile.

Profiles in be2 are quite complete. You can know a lot about a potential match before actually going on a first date, from lifestyle to daily habits.

Done so, you can use the search tools and other features to interact with other singles in your area.

The search option is quite useful as it allows you to filter results by keywords or preferences. In that way you can find like-minded users very quickly!

You can ask others to share more interests, and information with you! It’s a way to show that you are interested in that person.

However, even there is a mutual interest, you would need to Premium subscription to begin a private conversation and find out if you are meant for each other!

Matchmaking through a personality test

This dating website has become very popular thanks to its 7 dimensions personality test that adds an extra layer of efficiency to its matchmaking algorithm.

be2’s personality test takes as a reference a scientific practice that assesses users’ psychological, social and anthropological characteristics.

The algorithm then connects them with singles who are a real match! That means that they share the same values, habits, and have a lot of potential to connect emotionally.

The questionnaire explores fields like the way you socialize with others or the way you manage situations while in a serious relationship.

Does this matchmaking system work? According to the site, after completing the personality test, at least 40% of users find love!

3 reasons to consider using be2

In our be2 opinion, these three arguments can help you decide if this is the best dating site in Canada for you!

  1. Ambitious Canadian singles with serious intentions: Since it was launched in the country, over 760.000 users have trusted its services. The reason behind this is that the site promises a welcoming community of “authentic people with serious intentions”.
  2. There is a potential partner for everyone: The user base is balanced. Currently, 57% of users are single women, while 43% are single men.
  3. A reliable and safe dating site: The portal is very discreet in connecting people. Your data is protected from the eyes of intruders, and not passed to third parties.

Satisfied users

There is nothing more convincing than reading real success stories. In be2 Canada home page you can find entries from real users who have found love in the platform.

Some talk about how they met they current partner, others about how many dates they had, and others about they experience using the site.

Testing this dating site: be2 opinion

As one of the leading matchmaking dating sites in Canada, be2 has strongly developed its interface to allow a user-friendly experience. From the personality test to the options to create your profile and communicate with others, you have the feeling that you are in good hands, and that is a professional site.

Users are quite active, even that we have received less messages in comparison to other sites. This could be because users really don’t want to waste time and have the intention to get in touch with singles who really they think they can connect.

Main features

be2 has a vast variety of features to ensure interaction between users. As such, their communication and search tools are one of their greatest strengths. What things we like about the site? Here’s a list:

  • Free registration
  • Deep customisation of the profiles
  • Paid membership to fully use all its features
  • Search tools based on the personality of its users and on the results of the tests
  • Communication assistance: be2 provides its users with a complete guide with a list of questions to help you break the ice
  • 7 dimensions personality test: a complete test to fully gauge single’s characteristics
  • They have a very powerful Matchmaking algorithm
  • Coaching and assistance: be2’s experts are available to assist users throughout their online dating journey

be2 Prices

If you subscribe to be2, you will be able to enjoy from the following extra features:

  • Read and send unlimited messages
  • Check who visited your profile
  • View full size and high-quality photos
  • Add your matches to your list of favourite

Subscription Cost Cost per month
3 months $161.97 $53.99
6 months $191.97 $31.99
12 months $323.88 $26.99

How safe is this website?

be2 is a serious dating site that puts special emphasis on security. As such, it manually verifies all profiles before their publication and users are not able to access profiles unless they have been authorized first.

Privacy is also key. Your personal data is not passed to third parties.

Users can also select who can view their profile photos.

Contact be2 Customer Service

As in international company, this dating sites has become a recognized dating institution. It is present in more than 37 countries all over the world and is available in several different languages.

If you have any query about how the portal works or about subscription, you can contact be2 customer service at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can check the FAQ section to find out more information about online dating and the platform itself.

Subscription Cancellation & Profile Removal

Closing your account in be2 is easier and faster than the registration process.

To delete your profile, click on your avatar, and then go to “Settings”.

In there you will find the option to erase your profile, and also to cancel your subscription in case you are Premium.

be2 Review: Our Opinion

Pros  Cons 
One of the leading dating sites in Canada for serious daters

+30 million users worldwide & 766,000 in Canada

Great security system: users have to authorize their profile’s viewing

Gender balance: 57% of single women / 43% of single men

App available for Android and iOS

You can only see your compatible profiles

Automatic renewal of subscriptions

The personality test is a bit long to complete

Numbers speak for themselves. be2 has over 30 million registered members worldwide, and over 760.000 singles in Canada have trusted its matchmaking services.

The site is aimed to people looking to start serious long-term relationships.

With a very intuitive interface, be2 Canada is a good option for those daters looking for romance and love with like-minded singles. Compatibility and matches become the main priority.

Added to that, they have a good customer service and a team of dating experts that are always available to support and assist users throughout their online dating experience.

be2 is a good choice if you like to spend time chatting with other singles online and expect partner recommendations being sent to you!

Nevertheless, if what you want is to skip a long personality test and take action by browsing through personals to find your perfect match, then we suggest you try another service reviewed in our ranking like Zoosk.