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dating app your friends in charge of your love life

Wingman, the dating app that allows your friends to be in charge of your love life

A good friend can be your best ally when it comes to improving your love life. There was an episode in The Big Bang Theory where Howard and Raj join a dating site to find a new girlfriend for Sheldon. The trick [spoiler] works and they end up finding Amy,[…]

what women want traits every man should have

What women want: 7 essential traits every man should have!

For years, men have tried to figure out what women want. It has been one of the best kept dating secrets, until now! The popular matchmaker Zoosk recently carried out a study to analyse their users’ romantic desires. The goal: discovering what single women look for in a man when[…]

top 5 jobs score a date

Top 5 jobs that can help you score a date!

Some professions are most attractive than others. Singles in Canada mostly look for emotional affinity, physical attraction and shared interests when looking for a potential partner online. Having a good job is also important in the online dating world. Some users find attractive an online date that is career-driven and[…]

date night ideas quebec

Low-cost date night ideas in Canada? Quebec City is the cheapest city for romance!

D-day has arrived. You are in a good mood, dress to impress, but are a bundle of nerves. This first date can change everything. If the magic happens, you can meet your future partner. On the other hand, the encounter can end up in disaster and then, you may spend[…]

star wars date

Star Wars can get you a date!

Being a nerd can land you a date! Star Wars is one of the leading science fiction movies of all times, but in recent years, the galactic universe created by George Lucas has also served as cinematic Bible for geeky daters! People use to say that opposites attract. However, most[…]

5 fun summer date ideas

5 super fun Summer date ideas to make your partner melt for you!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an original date outdoors. The sun, the good vibes, the relaxed atmosphere… Any excuse is good to explore your city and take part in romantic activities for two! Whether you want to surprise your loved one with a unique romantic plan or want[…]

first dates extreme sports

First dates: The next extreme “sports”?

Falling in love is quite an adventure. When you start having feelings for someone, your body and brain experiment a series of symptoms that according to many scientists are similar to the sensation of doing drugs or the way you react when getting involved in an extreme sport. Your heart[…]

senior dating useful tips

Senior dating: Useful tips for mature singles

Maturity is the perfect period to enjoy love and life without restrictions. In recent years there’s been a increase in the number of men and women over 50 who went back to the dating market. Nowadays, you can find plenty of senior dating sites in Canada like SilverSingles that open[…]

dating sites canada pros and cons

Dating Sites Canada uncovered: Pros & Cons

Meeting people on datings sites and through social networks is one of the favourite pastimes for singles in Canada. Online dating was not well considered years ago, but everyday more and more people go online to find a potential partner. Dating sites Canada are essential tools for those singles who[…]

elite singles canada vs zoosk canada

Elite Singles Canada vs Zoosk Canada: Which is the Best Matchmaker?

The perfect partner. Finding your significant other is not as easy as it is shown on Hollywood rom coms. Getting a date with another interesting single in Canada is much less complicated nowadays thanks to the appearance of online dating sites. However, many Canadian singles are hesitant about the effectiveness[…]