Dating websites are constantly evolving and developing. Added to that, technology has now become such an important part of our lives that it has strongly impacted on our dating habits. If you feel that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the constant and f trends, the newest updates and news, you have found the perfect place to always be informed. Discover all the best news related to the dating universe. The more you keep updated the more you will be able of making the most of all the online dating websites to carry your wisdom to the first dates in real life… get ready for your adventures, it’s starting now!

vote most romantic city canada

Vote now: The Most Romantic City in Canada!

Every single detail counts when you fall in love. From the place you go to have your date to the activity you do to connect with your partner. Canada offers plenty of opportunities for those singles and couples who want to enjoy a fantastic date night with their partner. In[…]

dating annoying trends fun personality test

Do you know all these annoying dating trends? Test Yourself!

Ghosting, Catfishing, Monkeying, Zombieing… Have you ever felt like a fish out of water when it comes to new ways of dating and meeting singles? Or on the contrary, are you so used to modern dating that already know how to avoid these annoying dating trends? It’s obvious that new[…]

valentines day personality test

Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it? Fun Personality Test!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Some people love it and others would start a battle just to avoid it. Truth it is that no one can ignore February 14.

best season online dating

The most romantic time for online dating sites is here!

We are officially in the middle of the so-called “Best season for online dating“. Do you know why? Check out our Dating infographic to discover what singles are attracted to on online dating sites in 2019! It turns out that traffic on online dating sites is increased by 350% after the[…]

dating for seniors the ultimate guide

Dating for Seniors – The Ultimate Guide

Love after 50 is a gift! Most people dream about meeting their life-time partner during their late-20s or early 30s and stay together until the end of their days. However, most of them ignore that maturity is a fantastic time to fall in love as well.

horoscope find love in 2019

Horoscope: Find love in 2019!

New Year, New Year’s resolutions, new love. 2019 can be your best year ever! We all love to think that a new year always brings a lot of magic. What’s most magical than love? Many singles in Canada expect to initiate a new love adventure in 2019.

Tips to survive your first Christmas as a couple

5 tips to survive your first Christmas as a couple

Your first date, your first kiss, your first time in bed together…. Your first Christmas as a couple and with the in-laws! Nothing compares to the wonderful journey of getting to know your new partner: his/her interests, dreams and silly obsessions that you adore about him/her… Meeting the parents of[…]

facebook dating canada

Dating Facebook officially launches in Canada

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants you to find a potential partner! The popular social network has seen countless love stories come into reality, acquaintances turning into friendship as well as break-ups. Some time ago, Zuckerberg and co. saw the great potential of the dating market, so they decided to create[…]

halloween for couples date ideas

Halloween for couples: Spooky and romantic date ideas

The scariest night of the year is almost here! Halloween invites kids and adults to get involved in nightmarish experiences, from sharing frightening stories to getting dressed as their favourite terror characters or watching some classic horror movies with family and friends. The night of 31st of October is also[…]


[Infographic] The best dating sites to find love in Canada

Being single in any of the biggest cities in Canada can be an exciting adventure. Finding love nowadays is easier thanks to local events for singles and dating sites that connect people considering their interests, expectations, personality and lifestyle.