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mature dating sites canada

The proof that mature dating is exactly what you’re looking for

You’ve probably read it everywhere: mature dating… what does it exactly mean? Check out the Best Senior Dating Sites in Canada! Mature dating has become one of the most popular online dating trends recently. Singles over 40 or over 50 years old have found in senior online dating sites a[…]

blind dating in toronto

Blind dating in Toronto: Meet people in your area!

It was an instant crush! How many times have you heard love stories where two strangers fall in love at a coffee shop just a few minutes after seeing each other for the first time? Love at first sight exists, although not everyone is ready to experience it. Here’s where[…]

score a date eharmony dog

Can your dog help you score a date? eHarmony says, “yes”!

Dogs are man’s best friend! Pets are loyal and incredibly affectionate. They can also become your best ally in dating. In fact, nowadays, many pet owners find love thanks to their little fluffy friends. Some singles meet people when walking their dogs to their nearest park, others while attending an[…]

dating guide for men avoid disaster

A Dating Guide for Men: Chapter 2: How to Avoid Dating Disaster on your First Date?

Destiny plays a key in relationships. Some experts even believe that the game of love is all about numbers. In 2017, a group of mathematicians discovered that the odds of finding love on a single day is 1 in 562 if you leave it to just fate. Leaving your dating[…]

finding love 30s

3 Stereotypes About How To Find Love In Your 30s That Aren’t Always True

If you thought this would be another article about how, in the 30s, love becomes harder to catch, stop reading. This is an ode to the 30s. A statement against the popular belief that when you reach the 30s you should have a partner, you should find love. This is a[…]

dating guide for men rock first date

A Dating Guide for Men: Chapter 1: How to Rock your First Date?

For decades, men have wondered what women want on a first date. Nowadays, you can find plenty of dating gurus on the Internet revealing a lot of questionable techniques to woo your date in the first encounter, but most of the times, reality doesn’t match with those seduction manuals… Until[…]

dating app food fridge

This weird new dating app matches singles based on the food inside their fridge!

Food and love, what a great combination! Finding a potential partner now is funnier and more entertaining than ever before thanks to the appearance of niche dating services. Nowadays, you can find amazing and very weird alternatives to Tinder like Bristlr aimed at bearded single men, Farmers Only for people[…]

addicted to dating apps 5 shocking signs

Are you addicted to dating apps? 5 shocking signs you need a timeout!

Finding Mr. Right while on the move. It really sounds like a dream come true! Nowadays, you don’t need a miracle to meet scores of interesting men near you within minutes. Online dating has come to the rescue! Dating apps have shaped the way singles meet, get dates and find[…]

zoosk secrets attraction

How to attract any woman instantly? Zoosk reveals what makes men irresistible to women!

Love might be about destiny, but, for sure, attraction is all about science. What makes a man irresistible to women? There are certain traits men have that capture instantly the attention of any women. Having a great personality and sense of humour, being kind, successful and ambitious, having a Greek[…]

vote most romantic city canada

Vote now: The Most Romantic City in Canada!

Every single detail counts when you fall in love. From the place you go to have your date to the activity you do to connect with your partner. Canada offers plenty of opportunities for those singles and couples who want to enjoy a fantastic date night with their partner. In[…]