#FridayDating recipes

Popular wisdom says that you can conquer someone’s heart through food. It sounds interesting right? Well that’s exactly what we will be offering you in this section: the best Dating recipes that you’ll be able to discover every Friday to prepare your dating weekend. Home-made food is now part of the so-called Kitchen romance: how to seduce with nice homemade food at home. If you think it could be an interesting activity to try, we not only celebrate it but we also suggest you to take a look at these interesting recipes. Make the kitchen yours and seduce with romantic food!

friday recipe asparagus

Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Asparagus, the green aphrodisiac Asparagus have always been very popular for its health benefits. The Vegetarian society published actually recently a study stating that consuming asparagus for 3 straight days would have a quite powerful aphrodisiac effect. A pretty vegetable that has been recommended for lovers for centuries. If we[…]

friday dating recipe seaweed

Green Nori Salad for a great date

Seaweed, an ancient aphrodisiac The aphrodisiac properties of seaweed have been known for centuries by different cultures. Romans used to use seaweed snacks for its aphrodisiac qualities, while in other parts of the world seaweed has been used to make traditional drinks with healthy properties. A very popular ingredient very[…]

friday dating recipe kale

Kale, Orange and smoked almond salad

Kale: the newest aphrodisiac? According to an article written by Chef Jennifer Iserloh, ” Kale and sex drive? ” Kale might be the newest aphrodisiac discovery. According to Iserloh, Kale is « a fountain of youth » and it also has many different nutrients that are beneficial for hormonal control.[…]

friday dating recipe cherry

Grilled Chicken with Spicy Cherry Sauce

Cherries, the culinary sex symbol Check out our Dating recipes! Cherries are often associated with chocolate when it comes to preparing a powerful sensual mix. However, cherries themselves are also a great and sophisticated aphrodisiac. They are not only a great source of antioxidants and potassium, an essential element for[…]

friday dating recipe clams

Spicy Clams with Spaghetti

Find out all our Dating recipes! Clams, the aphrodisiac from the sea Clams have been regarded as an aphrodisiac food in history. It wasn’t until recently however, that a group of Italian and American scientists studied the effect on clams, and it turns out that it seems that the bivalves[…]

friday dating recipe radish

Pesto and radishes crostini

Discover all our Dating Recipes! Radishes, the radish-romantic fetish? Radishes have been in ancient times a symbol of sexual strength, masculinity, and stronger erections. Indeed, ancient Rome they said that a golden radish had been left by Apollo and ancient Egypt they were considered one of the most aphrodisiac foods.[…]

friday dating recipe almonds

Almond-Crusted Tilapia

Discover all our Dating Recipes! Almond for a sensual date Despite having been for centuries a symbol of fertility, almonds are also known to be aphrodisiac food as they are quite beneficial towards hormone production. On top of that, it is said that their aroma can arouse passion in the[…]

friday dating recipe prawn

Cocktail shrimp for a fancy date

Discover all our Dating Recipes! Shrimps, a delicacy in your reach to boost romance You’ve probably already heard plenty of stories about shrimp and how they have been an important key element for preparing nice romantic meals throughout history. As such, the famous Spicy shrimp gumbo has been for long[…]

friday dating recipe cayenne

Coconut tofu keema with cayenne pepper

Check out all our Dating recipes! Cayenne pepper, the ultimate aphrodisiac spicy You won’t need much to enjoy the benefits of cayenne pepper. This little although powerful spice knows how to heat up your body in just a second! Cayenne peppers are known for the capacity to stimulate your metabolism[…]

friday dating recipe sweet potatoes

Curried carrots, sweet potatoes and ginger soup

Discover all our Dating recipes! Sweet potatoes a great flavour for a romantic meal The aphrodisiac properties of sweet potatoes might not seem obvious at first, but if you actually start to read about this healthy food you’ll start to realize that sweet potatoes are actually very very healthy for[…]