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3 Stereotypes About How To Find Love In Your 30s That Aren’t Always True

Last Update : March 21, 2019 by Ava

If you thought this would be another article about how, in the 30s, love becomes harder to catch, stop readingThis is an ode to the 30s.

A statement against the popular belief that when you reach the 30s you should have a partner, you should find love.

This is a manifesto against all the “you should” in your 30s.

Now, if you are curious, continue reading…

An ode to the 30s: The empowerment of a generation that can break the walls of love’s stereotypes.

You read it right. People in their 30s are the generation that can prove so much when it comes to love.

A generation that has been brought up with promises of dreams, of “could(s)”, promises of amazing rewards in life if they were good enough to follow the path that was already set for them.

But the reality was different… time changes everything and while some found it almost natural to just stick to that marked path, for others it never felt right.

So, my friend, this is also an ode to being different, to daring to step away from the known path. An ode to adventure, exploration, and discovery.

Because what it really means to turn 30 is to start knowing yourself.  To know what you would like from life, from love, and from friendship and how far you’re willing to fight for that.

It is now the time to redefine love. Because there’s not only one kind of love but as many as your imagination can reach.

And the rebellion against love is not to find it or to stop looking for it, but it is to realize that there’s potentially love everywhere, you just have to make sure you have the tools to feel it and nurture it when it’s there.

Redefining love in a society blinded by impositions

If you’re still not convinced about how people in their 30s have broken so many walls when it comes to love, just look around you and you’ll see lots of different kind of relationships that were almost impossible 30 years ago.

But what is even more important is that if you look around you’ll also see lots of singles in their 30s that have decided that it is also ok to be single, that it is ok to be yourself instead of trying to find what you’ve been told.

The 3 most common stereotypes About How To Find Love In Your 30s

#1. Finding love in the 30s is your last chance at finding something meaningful. Don’t waste time.

If this tip comes from somebody older than you and married. Well, we just recommend you to check at divorce rates after the 30s. Sometimes numbers are better than words.

If the tip comes from somebody older and not in a relationship… it is just an unsolicited piece of doubtful information.

#2. Your friends are starting to marry and you’re going to be left out. 

Perhaps you’ve chosen a different path. Perhaps you just don’t need to get married in order to be happy or even to wear a white dress in order to feel special for one day. Or perhaps you’ll love to get married but you haven’t found your partner yet. Perhaps you actually don’t need to limit with yourself with the idea of getting married in order to find love, or to start a family or to feel you’re advancing in life.

#3. You should find a meaningful partner: with a great career, caring, handsome or beautiful, with a lot of chemistry with you and with the same values, interests, and desires. 

Now let’s try again to redefine a partner with realistic characteristics. If you’re not perfect, why should you partner be? But wait a moment, who’s actually perfect?

Nobody. According to this tip, there’s 0 chance of finding love for you. So now, reread stereotype #1 and try to free yourself from this vicious circle…

As Morrissey will say: “there’s a light that never goes out”.

The real way to find love, indistinctively of your age, is to take the idea of love out of the box. Let it free.

Open the jar, and explore. If that’s what you want.