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Dating Sites Canada uncovered: Pros & Cons

Last Update : August 9, 2018 by Thaïs

Meeting people on datings sites and through social networks is one of the favourite pastimes for singles in Canada.

Online dating was not well considered years ago, but everyday more and more people go online to find a potential partner.

Dating sites Canada are essential tools for those singles who love to date in a modern way.

Why Canadian singles are so into online dating?

On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of opinions regarding the best and worst dating sites Canada, but what matters the most is: can online matchmakers really help people to find their significant other?

The Best Dating Sites Canada team has tried, compared and ranked the most popular matchmakers to find out what’s is the secret behind the success of some dating sites.

This is what dating sites Canada sell to its users

Some platforms like Badoo or the swiping app Tinder give singles the change to connect with each other for free. This is why they are so popular amongst millennial singles.

Other dating sites like Elite Singles or Zoosk promise meaningful connections. They advertise themselves as the perfect solution for those hopeless romantics who want to find a match with class!

Meetic believes in destiny, but it promises more realistic relationships, those where its protagonists fall in love thanks to a common imperfection.

And dating sites like SilverSingles promote connections between singles over 50 who want to give love a second chance.

Portals like BeNaughty sell a more passionate experiences. It targets singles who seek dates with 0 commitments.

The marketing strategy of these websites is just brilliant, but what users care in the end is if they are worth it, if they can really find love thanks to their services.

What follows is a compilation, a very useful guide about the best traits and the worst one of dating sites in Canada.

Dating Sites Canada: Pros

  • Free registration: In some matchmakers you need to subscribe to a Premium membership to contact other users, while in others you can chat for free. However, most dating sites are free to register.
  • Meeting people in just a few clicks: One of the best features of online dating is that you can connect with tons of singles very fast. You will need just a few minutes to create your profile, send some icebreakers, and start a new conversation that can easily lead to a magic encounter offline.
  • Profile diversity: Variety is the spice of life. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship you want or how you imagine your perfect partner to be, you will always find the right matchmaker for you! There are dating sites in Canada for people who seek a serious relationship based on affinity, sites for senior singles, millennials who want an adventure, gays and lesbians or even who want to find a match considering aspects like political ideals or faith! Niche dating sites give users the chance to be more selective when looking for a date.
  • Conecting singles 24/7: The best dating sites in Canada have their own mobile version. These dating apps give users freedom to flirt, chat and get to know each other anywhere, and anytime!
  • Online dating games: The competition between matchmaking services is huge, this is why every now and then, you see that new features are launched to make dating sites more sophisticated, effective and entertaining. There are dating sites and apps like for example Tinder that base connection on a matching game. You are presented with profiles and you have to swipe left or right to show your interest or not. The idea is to help users find their match in a very fun and interactive way!
  • Sophisticated algorithms & personality tests: Some dating sites use very professional algorithms based on scientific theories to connect people. Others, ask users to solve a personality test when registering. The idea is to use the results to create couples considering affinity.
  • Fear of rejection is minor: In dating sites you can get in touch with plenty of singles in a short period of time. Therefore, if you show your interest in someone, and aren’t corresponded, you can quickly try your luck with another user. This dynamic minimizes the fear of rejection.
  • Meeting local singles, and people over the globe! Most matchmakers work in a local scale. You usually will be connected to singles who live nearby. However, you can also search for other users in other cities in Canada or even abroad!
  • Events for singles: Some brands offer a dating experience that goes beyond the platform. Once in a while, they host events for singles in Canada’s major cities to help their users find love in a more animated way.

Dating Sites Canada: Cons

  • You have to pay to send messages: In some matchmakers, you can chat for free, but the most reputable sites include a subscription plan, so if you want to contact in private with other users, you would need to pay. The positive side is that you are only contacted by users who genuinely are interested in meeting you!
  • Singles are driven by physical appearance: It mainly depends on the platform, but in most dating sites, what people look first is your profile photo. If they are not interested, they even don’t send messages. Thus, don’t give others an opportunity to start a love story based on other things than looks.
  • Fake profiles and romance scammers: Online dating has its benefits, and its risks. Most dating sites, at least the ones we propose in our ranking of the Best Dating Sites, are safe to use. They have a team of experts behind monitoring the way people behave on the site, and blocking fake profiles to prevent others from a romance scam. Nevertheless, you can always find a catfish. Best solution? Block and report the user to the site’s moderation team.
  • Ghosting: In a dating site you can easily get in touch with dozens of interesting singles. This is why some of them spend time contacting scores of profiles, but then are not capable of maintaining a conversation that goes beyond two or three messages. You can easily become a victim of ghosting, which means that the other person suddenly disappears, and stops talking to you for no reason!
  • Long-distance relationships: Most dating sites specialize in connecting singles in a local scale, but many of them work internationally. At the end of the year, some of the couples created maintaining a relationship in the distance. Meeting people online has many advantages, but this is not one of them!
  • Feeling that you are being exposed: We are not talking about how profiles are displayed as if they were in a supermarket shelf, and someone needs to check several profiles as if they were products before deciding on giving a try on you, but about the way some users feel about how they personal details are treated. Most dating sites put privacy as one of their main concerns. They usually don’t share information with others, but when you add personal details online, you never are 100% sure that they are not going to be leaked. The best you can do is to make sure to go for a dating site that has a great reputation in Canada such as the ones from our ranking. Then, make sure you take some common-sense dating measures to prevent you from having a bad experience.
  • Love vs Sex: There are dating sites aimed at Canadian singles who look for a long-term relationship, and others for those who just want a temporary adventure. However, in some websites that advertise themselves as “serious”, you can easily end up being contacted by someone who wants to have a casual encounter. It usually happens in free dating sites. Our recommendation is to read opinions from other users, and our reviews to see what websites are dedicated to people who seek serious relationships!
  • Chemistry hardly appears before a first date: When trying online dating, the best is to take your experience in a realistic way. That means that you would need to go out on an actual date to see if there is chemistry with one of your matches. Most dating sites in Canada promise singles to find their perfect match! You can meet your next partner online, but a chat in website can’t never replace a face-to-face encounter, a first date! Dating sites are a great alternative to meet like-minded singles near you, but it’s up to you two to make the love story happen!

Every single dating site has its own strengths and flaws, but what is for sure is that they offer a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with other interesting single men and women in a few clicks!

In our comparison website we put the Best Dating Sites in Canada under the microscope, so you can easily find the right option for you!