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The importance of small gestures in Romance

Last Update : February 23, 2017

In romance every little thing is important. Although some times you might feel unaprreciated, you romantic little gestures do count.

Actually, according to some researchers, they do count a lot actually.  By having and receiving little gestures, people tend to be more positive and happier.

Recognition and romance: the key to a healthy love?

When you do something nice for your partner, you are creating a positive and caring atmosphere for your relationship.

Now, apparently, researhers have found that that recognisition has little to do to improve romance. Actually it turns out that we, human beings, have a natural skill for giving.

You might think, who would have said?, but yes, when it comes to love and romance, people tend to feel happy giving and receiving small gestures whether or not they are recognised.

The key behind it is that the motive has to be pure. And, is there something more pure than love?

Ramdon acts of kindness for a strong relationship

If you’ve never tried to do ramdon acts of kindness, we strongly encourage you to do. In a society in which we crown individualism and individual success, there’s actually nothing more revolutionary than ramdon acts of kindness. Selfless acts of care and naive acts of love towards our surroundings.  The key is to forget the need to be recognised by your good deed.

Actually in that sense, according to another study published on the journal Emotion, researchers found out that giving boosts more emotional weell being than receiving.

Basically the conclusion is that ramdon acts of kindness will strenghen your relationship. It is important to understand that if you do something nice just because you are expecting to be reciprocated it will never work. Genuine kindness for no other reason that the enjoyment of love is what you should be looking for.