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Dating as Emma Stone

Last Update : March 1, 2017

The “La La Land” actress is one of the most beloved actresses of the moment.

Her charm and charisma has managed to steal many hearts, however she has always been very private about her personal life.

Do you how does Emma Stone Date? Is she as charming with her love life as she is in public?

Romance and charisma: the power of humor

Emma Stone met her former boyfriend Andrew Garfield at the set of “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Their love story lasted for three years but according the two actors, they maintain a friendly and loving relationship.

Since then, the actress has won a Golden Globe for La La Land and is nominated to an Oscar for Best Actress,  however her love life is still quite secretive.

Emma Stone has always managed to charm with her charisma and humor, two great features to find love and start strong and healthy relationships.

Humor is one of the strongest weapons to win hearts, and Emma Stone has proven that. Her natural spontaneity acts like a magnet.

Being single and proud of it

Emma Stone has shown us how important it is to embrace yourself.

Being single shouldn’t be a problem, but all the contrary, it is a great opportunity to meet new people, to charms other singles, to have fun and great moment with new friends and most of all to enjoy yourself.

Most importantly, if you keep a good and positive attitude, everything in life and specially love is at your reach!