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4 kinds of Love : which one is yours ?

Last Update : February 13, 2017

Love has always been an important element of our cultures throughout civilizations. Love has always been praised although it seems, according to the Greeks, that even back then, it wasn’t an easy feeling.

Greeks were experts in the love field. They studied it and analyze it in order to try to find some logic to this sometimes uncontrollable feeling. Here are the main 4 kinds of love they described, do you know which one applies to yours ?

# Eros : Love’s God

Eros has always been considered as the God of Love. However, if we take a closer look at his responsibilities, Eros was actually the god of the most physical aspect of love : desire and sexual attraction.

This kind of love refers then to erotic love : passion, attraction and sexuality play a very important role in the relationship.

This is usually the first and initial phase of a relationship, where passion and desire are very present. Everything is exciting, every time you spent time with your partner it seems like an adventure…

# Storge : Fraternal Love

This kind of love we could say is the complete opposite of Eros. This love refers to the kind of affection we have for family or friends. Relationships based on affection, trust, loyalty and commitment.

According to Greeks this kind of love needs to be nurtured. It will only happen if you know and deeply respect the other person. The basis of the Storge is to look after one another.

#Philia : Caring Love

Philia love comes from fraternity, the aim of this love is to wish for the common well being of a group. Rather than being an individual emotion, Philia refers to how we interact with our entourage and how we try to promote the well being of the group. Solidarity and care play an important role.

#Agape : Unconditional Love

The last type of love is the strongest and deepest one. Agape refers to a fully devoted kind of love. Pure devotion towards your partner and unconditional love. It usually characterizes couples in which the balance between the two partners is not really distributed or long-term relationships that have developed through the years a very strong commitment.

A very interesting approach towards love… do you know which terms we use nowadays to refer to the different kind of love?