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Inside a Relationship : Common confessions

Last Update : December 1, 2016

Love is a complicated subject. Perhaps even a complicated state, a complicated wish and most of all is quite complicated to understand and to control.

Many singles long for a meaningful long-term relationship, although sometimes when the relationship happens and last, many people realize that they had lots of « love » concepts wrong.

It doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just different. Love has perhaps been idealized and the true sometimes is that love can’t easily be described or even categorized. Each relationship is different as each person has their own characteristics.

Nonetheless, we have gathered some of the most honest and common confessions about love and relationships :

#1 We don’t need to be all the time together to feel loved

Eternal love… what is it really ? Romantic movies and romantic literature have portrayed love as an essential need, love like the air, when in a relationship love means needing your partner to live as you need the air to breathe.

However, is it really healthy ? A long-term relationship means that you don’t need to be with your partner all the time. Sometimes something as simple as a little text from your partner can do wonders. And perhaps, that might be true love…

#2 Complete honesty is not always welcomed

A long-term relationship is not only love, but should also be friendship. And as such, there are moments when your partner might need more your support than your honest opinion. Honesty is important, but you also have to know when honesty can hurt, and when honesty is just required.

#3 Love can be shown in lots of different personal ways

We tend to dream of an idealized love, full of qualities and romantic gestures… but not everybody is the same and it doesn’t really mean there’s no love. When you get to know a person, you get to know their characteristics. In the same way, you get to know when they’ve actually made an effort to make a romantic gesture.

#4 Trying to change the other is a mistake

We have probably all fallen into that mistake. If he/she could change that and that it would be perfect ?

The thing is that you realize that sometimes those things that you want to change are what describe your partner… hence changing them would mean that you would want another partner… when you reach that moment and you conclude you don’t want another partner, you want yours, is when you realize that you accept him/her as they are.

#5 Your partner knows you better than yourself. Sometimes.

It tends to happen that sometimes you get angry and you don’t even know why until your partner tries to do the things that tend to make you feel better to help you with you anger. Sometimes you don’t understand yourself, but she/he does. Adapting to your partner’s needs, sometimes that’s all you want from love.