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#Video – Clinton vs Trump’s supporters: Dating & Politics

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Politics will be the hottest topic to discuss on a date this weekend. Indeed with the US elections next Tuesday, singles will have a great chance at using politics as a tool to succeed at their dates.

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Not only a good political talk can increase your chances of a second date by 91% but if you are passionate about politics if could increase by 32% your chances of having a more than satisfactory sex!
If you are planning on going to a first date this weekend, you should note that Clinton’s supporters are 129% more likely to drink wine and 43% more likely to be looking for a long-term relationship.

On the other side, Trump’s supporters are 79% more likely to drink beer and 116% more likely to talk about an ex.

Get ready for the pre-election’s weekend ! 11% of American singles are more interested in long-term dating with singles with shared-ideology. has conducted this interesting study on American singles dating habits and politics leanings which has stated that 35% of American singles wouldn’t date someone that doesn’t have an opinion on key political issues.