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#Video – 35% of American have meet online

Last Update : September 14, 2017

Our neighbors the Americans have started to center a lot of attention on the online dating culture. Indeed, according to a study conducted by, 1 in 3 couples have met online in a country in which more than 40 million of people are addicted to online dating… basically 35% of its population.

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Although online dating sites are starting to develop a very diverse offer, Americans turn to turn towards and eHarmony two sites with great matchmaking tools which have succeeded in building strong and lasting serious relationships.

Online dating has become more and more popular becoming the first resources (even before meeting a partner at work) for those looking for love and romance.


If you are wondering the best places to find singles, New York and Washington on the east coast will increase your possibilities of finding matches : according to the research more than 70 % of the state’s population is currently living alone !

American ladies know what they like in seduction : humor and compliments are the most rewarding elements when flirting !

However, it is also important to note that if American men need around one hour to take a decision on their date, American women only need 15 minutes to know if they want to continue the romance or not !

Online dating is also changing romantic behaviors : there is an increasing tendency of breaking up via digital platforms : more than 15% of couples confess having broken-up via Facebook. Social media, emails and texts are starting to become the norm for break-ups and cowardice.

Is our online dating culture that different though ?