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3 tips to attract more

Last Update : September 20, 2016

Seduction is a real art, and as such some people have attraction on their whilst other… keep on trying to seduce… in vain.

When someone likes you, everything becomes more encouraging. It boosts your self-esteem and specially when you are lucky enough to have attraction reciprocated, you’ll experience a feeling of well-being which will take over your body.
We must admit, who doesn’t like to like ?

We have unveiled some tips that will help you to maximize your chances of seducing whilst enhancing your charm.

# Mimick

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of New York in 1999, there’s a great ppsychological correlation between the action of mimicking gestures and attraction.

This so-called « camaleon effect » refers to the uncosncious attraction that a person can feel towards when another person mimicks her/him. Whether the action of mimicking is conscious or unconscious.
Of course, subtetly is a must. If instead of mimicking you would just copy and exagerate the other person’s gestures, the atmosphere could get really awkward.

On the contrary, spend time with the person you are attracted to, create familiarity. Observe her/him and very subtly mimick some of her/his gestures and expressions.
Following this study’s findings, your chosen person will be more likely to feel attraction towards you.

#Don’t overuse compliments

A good compliment can brighten anyone’s day. A sweet melody to the ears.. Who doesn’t like to be complimented ?
However, when compliments become too repetitive and way too many they can have the contrary effect : the other person would take your compliments as fake and interested.

Psychologists refer to the so-called effect of « the spontaneous transfer of traits » to describe the strong effect that compliments can have on a person as the complimented characteristics will become more easily part of their own traits.

In that sense, if you talk about the kindness and gentleness of your friend John to the person you are attracted by, chances are that that person will see you with those traits you’ve complimented. Interesting right ?

# Good mood and the « reciprocity of liking »

It might have already happened to you : you’ve suddenly noticed somebody and started to put all the attention on that person because you thought that person fancied you.
This is a good trick to enhance your chances of catching the attention of somebody special : making quite obvious that you do romantically like that person. You will boost your chances of being liked by that person.

Added to that, if you maintain a good mood through the whole seduction process, attraction will be even more likely. Generally speaking people, unconsciously, are pretty sentitive to people’s moods.

If you’re in a bad mood, your emotions will generate a negative aura that will affect on other people’s moods.
On the contrary, if you’re in a good mood, you’ll put all the energy on your side yo create a great atmosphere to let the seduction and attraction magic start to develop…