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The power of two

Last Update : August 18, 2016

We are social beings. We like to be together, to socialize, to share experiences and to be surrounded by people.

Even if there are some people that like more solitude than others, sharing experiences intensifies the experience itself.

Have you ever wondered why it is so nice to watch a movie with your partner even though it is a silent and passive activity ?

The power of two is more powerful than you think…

Sharing a « social but silent » experience enhances and amplifies the experience

Any kind of shared experience tends to be specially enjoyed by the people that are sharing it. Whether it is going to the cinema, to a nice restaurant or even practicing sports together, sharing experiences it’s not only advisable to maintain a healthy relationship, but it also significantly intensifies the experience itself.

A group of psychologists from Yale University studied the effects of sharing what they called « social but silent » experiences in shared spaces.

They studied the impact of a couple, for instance, doing different activities but in a shared space. It turns out that the mere fact of sharing a common space was enough to increase the enjoyment of the activity.

The psychologists E.Boothy, J.Bargh and M.Clark that conducted these studies, concluded that the facto of knowing that someone is experimenting the same things than you has a great influence on the emotions.

Added to that, the studies also concluded that compared to individual experiences, shared experiences enhanced emotions, whether it would be for the better or for the worse.

Sharing is a pleasant and rewarding experience

When you share experiences, it all connects to positive emotions. Sharing tends to be synonym for pleasure, well being and enjoyment. A great boost to romantic feelings. 

As we are social beings it becomes very important for us to share certain experiences. They help to share a vision in life, the emotions of an experience, to feel part of something and to even give more sense to the experience itself.

When you share any kind of activity, the other person becomes part of the activity and therefore part of the experience. The experience integrates then in the sense and the other person that is sharing the experience with you is also considered part and parcel of the positive emotions.

Our lives, although sometimes silent, are very social. And the power of two is a great tool that still has lots of benefits to discover.