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Is there really a soul mate waiting for us ?

Last Update : August 17, 2016

Society has based for years the ideal of love in the concept of the soul mate. That person, THE person, to be exact, that is supposedly waiting for you to find her/him so you can start the best love story possible and live happily ever after.

Does this really sound realistic ? Do we really have soul mates ?

And if so, how would you define a soul mate ?

A social invention that sets unrealistic goals

Most often that we might want believe, the whole idea of the soul mate has done more damage in our societies than created happy endings. As human beings we tend to always want more, to be discontent with what we have. After all the popular expression « you don’t know what you have until it’s gone » has followed our actions for years, proving that quite often popular wisdom is not mistaken.

Added to that, the quest for perfection in human beings has always been another element studied all over the time… is there really perfection ? Can we expect perfection in love ? And if so, would perfection be the so-called soul mate ?

If we are looking for perfection in love, chances are our quest will be unsuccessful. Perfection is rather a subjective matter when it comes to love. A quality that is variable and depending on the moment, on the person, the situation and most importantly their frame of mind.

If we try to objetivize love and look for the perfect case scenario of finding a soul mate that would perfectly complement us in every way, then logically you will first have to be able to objetivize yourself in order to exactly define all your characteristics in order to find THE soul mate.

A journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge that is dynamic, changes with time and develops constantly… in that case would there be one or several possible soul mates ?

Digital love, affinities and soul mates

Rather than trying to find that soul mate that will bring you happiness, love and passion, it is important to first work on your own definition of soul mate. What do you really expect from the other person ? How would you describe your soul mate ? What would he/she need in order to actually fully adapt and complement with your own characteristic ?

By slightly changing the romantic vision associated with the soul mate and instead of thinking of a standardized soul mate for you that would suddenly turn up and bring you all the happiness you long for, you take your time to actually think of the qualities you actually expect in a romantic way, you will probably be setting the foundation of true love and romance.

Dating websites have become so popular (and successful !) exactly for that reason : There’s not one soul mate, but multiple possible ones. And most importantly soul mates are just a way of naming what would be the definition of the best characteristics in a person that would fully complement you.

Getting to know yourself, your own preferences, your expected romantic preferences, your idea of romance, your vision of life and your expectation for the future are the keys to finding your soul mate, aka, the person that would understand, share and complement the whole universe that revolves around your persona.