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Flirting and Dating with confidence

Last Update : July 19, 2016

Confidence indeed. A powerful world that everybody aspires to reach.  But sometimes the journey is not as easy as initially thought.

When dating, confidence is key and somehow it tends to be the first thing to run away when we start flirting.
It might be intimidating but you’ll have to face it at some point if your aim is to reach confidence.

#Practice it out of your comfort zone

Like every skill in life, if you don’t practice it you will never reach it.

But you are probably wondering, how to practice confidence ? Putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Strangers, unknown places, etc. are perfect examples on how to put yourself out and work on your confidence.

Once you’re there just dare to go and talk to strangers, sit alone in new places, practice it anywhere! Chat with everybody, flirt, smile, joke, etc.

#Be more spontaneous

Being spontaneous is a great thing. Although we agree that sometimes not really thinking about things can put you in awkward situations… but after all, if we would also be calculating each detail we would never be confident unless we have calculated everything! And my dear reader, the flirting art and love itself are hard if not impossible to calculate.

Hence : lack of confidence.
If you’re spontaneous and embrace your « awkward » moments, comments, gestures, decisions, etc. with humour and acceptance of yourself, you’ll be doing giant steps towards confidence.

#Nerves and vulnerability : a charming and relaxing mix

People like to be surrounded by other people. That’s a fact. Whether extroverted or introverted, people also like to be surrounded by normal people, with their normal feelings and most of all with their vulnerabilities.

In fact it is very quite attractive when somebody is aware of their vulnerabilities and doesn’t hide them (all !). It is indeed quite relaxing to be with a person that doesn’t try to pretend to be perfect.

It is usually under such circumstances when people – socially pressured – try to pretend to be something there not or try to reach the same – unrealistic – achievements that other people show.
Therefore, being comfortable with ones vulnerabilities is a very charming thing. If you don’t try to hide your nerves and fears you’ll be creating a confident atmosphere around you.