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3 Signs that you are in a healthy relationship

Last Update : July 13, 2016

The Net is filled with dating advices and guides to build and maintain a strong and healthy relationship. The bible of the « dos and don’ts » for couples. However not every couple is the same and not every advice applies to the same couple. Each couple is a world and the key to a healthy relationship lies within the understanding of the personal rules of the world of each couple.

Nonetheless there are signs that can be observed and that will give you some tips on whether you are in a healthy relationship or on the other hand your relationship is starting to sink…

#1 Sincere conversation

Without communication society couldn’t work. The same applies for a relationship.

If you’re communication is not genuine and sincere, you are just destroying, step by step, the future of your relationship.

A relationship is based on confidence and respect. Two element without which a communication couldn’t be sincere.

There might be some words or sentences harder to say than others, there might even be some truths harder to listen to but within a sincere communication lies the secret for success in a relationship.

#2 You take decisions together and boost your intimacy

Decisions are a very important part of a relationship.

If important decisions are not taken by both of you, the balance in your relationship will start to wobble. In the same way if even all the small decisions are always taken by the same person, there will always be an unbalanced feeling.
Decisions in a relationship have to be a thing of two, if will boost conversations, confidence and respect.

The same elements that are needed to boost intimacy in your relationship.

Intimacy is the responsible for all the passion and seduction in your relationship, all the feeling you have when your partner gets close to you. Intimacy that exists because both of you boost it by reserving some moments in your life for it.

#3 You fight but you also know how to respect each other’s space

Fights are normal and even needed. If a couple that has been for quite a long time together has never had a fight, something is not normal… fighting is a healthy way of creating strong connections with your partner.

Fighting with moderation is healthy. If the fights are nonexistent maybe you should start to try to focus more on your communication. If the fights happen too often, you could also try to communicate with your partner to try to gauge what is going on.

However, a golden rule in any relationship is to always give and respect some individual space for your partner. If you don’t want your relationship to become claustrophobic, give your partner some space and ask for your own space too. Missing each other a little bit time to time is one of the best ways to boost romance !