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Best Online Dating Conversation Starters

Last Update : June 6, 2018

So you’ve got an online dating profile and have a few matches but haven’t started speaking to any of them yet. What do you say? How do you start a conversation with someone you know almost nothing about? Well keep reading, we’ll help you get the conversation flowing!

1. Read their profile: if they have a bio in their profile make sure you read it. Take a look at the photos they have up and try and find something you have in common with them. Start a conversation based on that.
2. Use humor: humor is a good way to get instant intimacy and cause a fun exchange and you can point fun at each other. For example, why not tease them about something they’re doing in their pictures.
3. Use emoji’s: nothing lightens up a conversation like the use of emoji’s. Why not ask them out on a date through emoji’s? It’s a lot less frightening that way. Just send a picture of drinks + pointing finger + Clock with a ? It’s that simple.
4. Compliments: who doesn’t like a compliment? Compliment or positively comment on something they’ve mentioned in their profile or are doing in one of their photos. It’s obviously something they are fond of so will like talking about and will appreciate you noticing.
5. Ask a question: However ensure it is open ended so the conversation doesn’t die before it has even started. Maybe don’t ask them out on a date in your first message. Instead ask a question to something you’ve seen on their profile – do you share the same taste in films? Has he/she seen your favorite band live?