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The fail-safe guide to seduction

Last Update : June 6, 2018

People are always telling us the do’s and don’t’s of seduction, but did you know there are techniques that have been proven since the dawn of time and that still work today?

Rule # 1: Pick up your date from her home

Despite the struggle for gender equality, women appreciate gallantry, so before a date offer to pick her up from home. Sending an ‘I’m here’ text from the car is not cool – ring the doorbell and wait. It doesn’t take much effort, but will make all the difference!

Rule # 2: Take care of yourself

There’s nothing worse for a women than spending hours getting ready, only to find her date’s rocked up wearing a crumpled shirt and smelly sneakers! Make an effort if you want to get a positive message across. It is important to choose an outfit that will go with any setting – a restaurant, a picnic on the grass…(for example casual pants and sweater).

Rule # 3: Ask her questions

It’s important to be at ease and happy to talk about yourself, but you’ll need to show interest in your date. Ask her questions and show her that you’re really interested in who she is.

Rule # 4: Choose an affordable activity

We tend to want to put on a show during the first date, but the most important thing is to make her feel comfortable with her surroundings. You can go to the best restaurants further down the line; choose an easy going place that you know well. What’s more it’ll reduce the risk of bumping into people you want to avoid.

Rule # 5: Be on time

It’s important to be on time for a date, even more so if you have a reservation for a restaurant, tickets to a movie… some people hate to be late so keep your timing in check!

Rule # 6: Choose a popular place

Location is very important for a successful romantic date. Choose a location where you can easily talk without going to a deserted place that you’ve never heard of. Your date will feel more reassured in a place that’s welcoming and friendly!

Rule # 7: Turn off your phone

Guys, the iPhone can wait when you’re on a date. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a man to finish replying to a text. Put the phone on silent mode and don’t leave it on the table – your friends will just have to leave you alone for a few hours.

Rule # 8: Plan ahead

If you’re not sure what to do at the end of a date, take the bull by it’s horns and politely ask if you can give her a ride home or if she’d like you to call or if she’d like to see you again. This will allow you to test the water and to remove any ambiguity as to the next step.